FORWARDMARCH is a group of active and engaged citizens working to affect change following the 2016 election—and we are highly motivated for change in the 2020 election. Among other projects, we work to help Democratic candidates running in important districts around the country and focusing on issues that matter most to our members. 

FORWARDMARCH held its first meeting just four days after the Women's March in January 2017. Like millions of "resisters" around the world, we were inspired to keep the momentum going after witnessing the large crowds of marchers on the National Mall and in cities around the globe. We were inspired by speakers at the March who urged the crowds to keep the spirit of the movement alive. We were inspired by the many people who reached out—and continue to reach out—to us in the weeks and months that followed, asking to join our group. And we were inspired by those leaders of other Montgomery County resistance groups who generously shared (and continue to share) information, opportunities and enthusiasm for this important cause. 

FORWARDMARCH members have pivoted to postcard writing, phone banking, and text banking, reaching voters in swing districts in Pennsylvania and Virginia and urging them to register and then vote. In lieu of in-person events, we're fundraising through the sale of ForwardMarch merchandise. And much more... With so much at stake in the upcoming election, we are hard at work across the board.


If you're interested in becoming part of FORWARDMARCH, we'd love to have you. Come to a meeting or a happy hour. Sign up to work a phone bank or canvass in swing districts. Bring your ideas and your willingness to make change happen in Washington. It's easy, fun and invigorating. Plus, you'll make new friends.