Forward March is a grassroots advocacy and resistance organization based in Montgomery County, MD comprised of women and men of all ages. Our areas of focus include elections, fundraising, healthcare, the environment, civil rights and women’s rights. Our goal is to promote and protect progressive values through the peaceful political process. 


  1. We value the vote and our electoral rights as citizens in a participatory democracy.  We support progressive candidates who seek to move the country forward. We support voter rights and will work to oppose measures aimed to suppress the vote. We oppose authoritarianism and the threat it poses to the nation. We believe that freedom of the press and investigative journalism hold our elected leaders accountable for their words and actions, and are essential to a healthy democracy.

  2. We value health care and demand that our elected officials support a system that promotes universal health care without barriers to service that bankrupt individuals and families. We oppose the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and support the right for all citizens, regardless of pre-existing conditions, to have access to quality health care and affordable insurance.

  3. We value the environment and believe our pursuit of happiness depends on a healthy and clean earth, clean air, and clean water.  We believe in science and support efforts to stem the tide of climate change. We seek to be good stewards of this fragile earth and to preserve a healthy planet for future generations. We support environmental protection and oppose the deconstruction of the EPA. 

  4. We value civil rights and recognize that diversity is a key strength of our country. We will stand up for the most marginalized among us and those who are oppressed, shown disrespect, or denied equal justice, and we will support them, regardless of the color of their skin, origin of birth, immigration status, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religious faith or lack thereof.   

  5. We value women’s rights, which are human rights. We believe in a woman’s right to self-determination, reproductive freedom, and equal pay for equal work.  We advocate for women’s freedom from discrimination, oppression and violence. We support Planned Parenthood services and funding.